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Solar Control film improves comfort and energy savings.Todays Real Estate market is described as "up one day, down the next"... When your clients are looking to buy or sell, discuss the option of Window Film as a way to enhance the property before or after a sale - the comfort level of a home or business can be dramatically effected - not to mention the energy savings year after year. Information like this can help close the deal! We can help - 1-866-828-7469

Make your restaurant/hospitality suite more comfortableIn the Hospitality Industry you strive to make your clients visit comfortable. Doing so can lead to longer stays, more frequent visits and a higher referral rate! Adding Solar Control, Privacy or Graphic window films to the glass in your establishment can be as important as a great meal or a comfortable bed... We can help control "hot zones" in your business with energy savings of up to 30%. Call Window Film Source to discuss how we can help. 1-866-828-7469

Broken window holds together!Our combined Security & Solar Control window film protects in several ways - the two most important include a durable Security base with added Solar Control features. Not only does it slow or even stop a would be break-in, it also offers a high heat blocking coating - a dual purpose film that enhances your business and helps keep it safe too!. Ideal for manufacturing businesses, storefront installations, Doctor offices, schools and churches. Call Window Film Source for a little extra security.. 1-866-828-7469

Window Film News

Come visit us at the Goderich Home and Garden Show May 20 - 22, 2011 - View it here.

Stop by and see how window film helps you save on rising energy costs, our "Wow" box shows you the amount of energy that is blocked from the sun, not to mention blocking over 99% of damaging UV rays.

Mention you saw our news blog and we'll give you a voucher for 10% off of your installation of $500 or more.

Don't replace your windows - make them more energy efficient at lass than 20% of the cost!

Serving Goderich, Clinton, Grand Bend, Kincardine and Huron Perth for over three years.

You'll see nothing but savings when you install window film - Call for full details... 05/11

Helium reports on the Benifits of Window Film - View the full story here.

The benefits of window tinting may start with a new look for your windows, but the real benefits are in your wallet. Window tinting has been around for some time now and continues to grow in popularity. With rising energy costs and limited resources homeowners have to make the decision to go green or go broke.

You'll see nothing but savings when you install window film - Call for full details... 05/11

MSN Reports that Window Film is a "Greener" Alternative to Window Replacement.

Being frugal and trying to save the planet are all well and good -- but some efforts to save energy can backfire on you big time... you'll get a bigger payback.

Click here for full details... 04/11

Trust your kids when they say solar control window film works! - View the full story here.

Window film on schools save energy, control comfort and block UV to help make learning more enjoyable!

See if your school is doing all it can for your child, then ask us how we can make a school, business or home cooler and save energy!

Blocking UV and heat in schools, businesses and homes - Call for full details... 05/10

What our customers are saying

Belmont Ontario…

They are GREAT already the kids are more than impressed.

As the sun came up this morning, they enjoyed breakfast with a fraction
of the glare and dramatically reduced heat. In fact, they didn't really
notice the difference until we compared with an open door and we where
all shocked at the performance!

Thanks again and I'm sure we will be recommending you and your products
to anyone that will listen!

Ilderton Ontario…

I can't believe the difference in my life at home… I haven't had a headache in four days since you installed the window film!

Denfield Ontario…

We installed the film for the energy savings and to stop the UV damage to our wood floors, but I like the glare reduction the best - MAC 5000 was the perfect choice, thanks Peter

Goderich Ontario…

The privacy I get from the SL280 is as valuable to me as the reduced heat…

- Call for full details... 06/2

Window film aids in the fight against skin cancer - Read the full story here.

Limiting sun exposure is a crucial part of maintaining the illness, so when a relative sent Cristaldi a trade magazine article describing a window film that blocks UV rays, she decided to research it.

UV rays from the sun contribute to health issues even through glass - Call for full details... 05/10

Who's minding the store? - View the full story on CBC.ca

"A CBC-TV Marketplace investigation reveals the newest way thieves are stealing your credit card and debit card information. They're breaking into stores, gas stations and restaurants and actually ripping out the hard drives attached to the point of sale terminals used to swipe your plastic. While stores and restaurants are keeping quiet, and credit card companies cover your losses, in the end, we all pay a price -- and for the crooks, it's a windfall".

Safety and Security film cannot stop break-ins, but it can certainly help to slow or deter would be criminal activity. - Call for full details... 03/10

Read what the Cancer Foundation says about window film. - Read the full story here

Ultraviolet rays (UVR) are sneaky. Not only can they cause skin cancer and visible signs of aging, they're also very good at finding you. They can bounce off water, off sand, and they can penetrate glass. Which means that even if you're inside your car or house, if you're sitting next to a window with sunlight streaming in, you're at risk for UV damage. 02/10

Cancer Foundation

Keep your boat cooler too!

Hüper Optik® makes a big splash in the marine industry with its nano-ceramic films. The films exceptional durability for use in the harshest marine and coastal environments is attributable to the stable non-reactive coating that does not succumb to demetallisation nor fading.

The muted reflectivity of these nano-ceramic films, unlike highly mirror-like films, also mean a clearer navigation view out, both day and night while out at sea.- Call for full details... 02/10

Save $50 when you install any Solar or Security film valued over $500...

Our winter special saves you $50.00 off any install valued at $500.00 or more! Film must be installed by March 26, 2010 - Call for full details... 01/10

Welland company's solar control films appearing in school windows - Read the full story here

Is your childs school taking safety and security for granted - Window Film Source can help make a case to include security and solar control film at your childs school.. 10/09

Save Up to 30% on Energy Bills with Window Film - Read the full story here

Window film is one of the smartest ways to make existing buildings more energy-efficient and save on energy bills... 10/09

Keep your condo cool if you want to garner a sizzling sale price - Read the full story here

Using a window insulating film will offer a more permanent solution to helping keep the heat out... 10/09

Not sure if your home, business or cottage is protected from intrusion - Read the full story here

We install security films to help protect your belongings from natural desasters and unexpected intrusion, an alarm can let you know something has happened, security film can slow, if not stop a would be break-in. 10/09