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Solar Control film improves comfort and energy savings.Todays Real Estate market is described as "up one day, down the next"... When your clients are looking to buy or sell, discuss the option of Window Film as a way to enhance the property before or after a sale - the comfort level of a home or business can be dramatically effected - not to mention the energy savings year after year. Information like this can help close the deal! We can help - 1-866-828-7469

Make your restaurant/hospitality suite more comfortableIn the Hospitality Industry you strive to make your clients visit comfortable. Doing so can lead to longer stays, more frequent visits and a higher referral rate! Adding Solar Control, Privacy or Graphic window films to the glass in your establishment can be as important as a great meal or a comfortable bed... We can help control "hot zones" in your business with energy savings of up to 30%. Call Window Film Source to discuss how we can help. 1-866-828-7469

Broken window holds together!Our combined Security & Solar Control window film protects in several ways - the two most important include a durable Security base with added Solar Control features. Not only does it slow or even stop a would be break-in, it also offers a high heat blocking coating - a dual purpose film that enhances your business and helps keep it safe too!. Ideal for manufacturing businesses, storefront installations, Doctor offices, schools and churches. Call Window Film Source for a little extra security.. 1-866-828-7469






What Is Window Film?

Window film is a thin, transparent material that is installed on glass to enhance it's appearance and the way it transmits light and heat. A wide selection of film is available that will improve shatter resistance, block up to 99% of the suns harmful ultraviolet rays and up to 83% of Infrared light (heat). Films can add privacy, reduce glare and add to the overall comfort of your home or business year after year.

Solar Control Films

Contol the suns harmful UV rays that are fading your artwork, furniture and floors, protect from high exposure of UV on your families skin. Solar control film also blocks up to 83% of the heat coming into your home saving energy costs up to 30%.

Not only can you live safer and save energy, modern films come in a variety of tones and shades. Window Film Source can help you choose the right protection that will enhance your home.

Solar films also offer the safety of helping prevent broken glass from splintering when shatttered by accident or disaster.

Safety & Security Films

Window Film Source can help increase safety and security with films that help hold broken glass together, splintered glass is one of the dangers from natural or other disasters effecting your windows.

Security films make forced entry or would be break-ins difficult for vandals and thieves. Anchored applications can "really slow someone down", or help stop wind projectiles during a storm. We even install "blast mitigation" film used by governments and police departments world wide...

Anti-Graffiti Films

Replacing glass that has been scratched, tagged or acid etched can be expensive!

Window Film Source will install a clear "anti-graffiti" film on your storefront, washroom mirrors & stainless steel fixtures, outdoor signage and any non-porous surfaces you feel could be in threat. We can also install protection against tagging on walls, doors, buses and shelters.

Replacing the damaged protective film is completed quickly and at a fraction of the cost of replacing glass or other collateral.

Decorative Films

Window Film Source offers a full line of decorative and design films. We can cut whatever pattern you would like for your home or business and professionally install it at your location.

Popular business logos for storefronts, privacy films for office divider glass, restaurants, hotel lobbies... if you have an idea, chances are we can "cut it or print it just for you".

Professionally Installed

Why do we only sell products that we install? Though our installers make the job look easy, they are highly trained professionals that install film for a living. When we install your film, it comes with a warranty (lifetime residential) backed by the manufacturer - if there is ever a problem with the film, it's replaced free of charge.


  • Up to 99% reduction of Ultraviolet light
  • Low reflectivity
  • Maximize shatter resistance/thwart intrusions/added protection from storms
  • Save on energy costs
  • Glare Control
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Fade protection for Fabrics,
    Artwork and Flooring
  • Neutral tones for an attractive accent to home and business windows
  • Recognized by the Canadian Skin Cancer Society for UV protection
  • Wherever there's glass, we can improve it!

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